9/1/2014 (6:50pm)

Like i seriously was only recording his crazy ass cuz i just KNEW this dude was about to die. I said to myself he wayyy to close to edge But #GodIsGood O_o


🎉Happpppy Birthday to my Beautiful twin cuzzys Renee and travelle!!! I love u sooooo MUCH!!! Words cant describe!!! From @dasean_525 (isaiah) and i ❤️✨

P r i n c e s s 👑 #NationalDogDay #RedNose #Pitt #Rottweiler #Pittweiler

😶 But. 🐸☕️

Seriously! 😩

Good Morning ! #WorkBound #NYC #5Train #iphoneography 📷✨ shot and edited by me ✨🙌

Nooooooo! :( when one co worker get sick we ALL get sick #Fml

Nooooooo! When 1 coworker gets sick we ALLL get sock #Fml 😔😢

Cold world. 😔

8/19/2014 (3:54pm)

I swear this is MY DOG 1000 percent! 😂😂😂 she wants NO PARTS of ANY TYPE of FUCKERY 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂